Weapon Attack

Cost: 1 Character Point / Level

The Weapon Attack attribute is used to create "special attacks" that may or may not require weapons. A character may purchase multiple Weapon Attacks. Each Weapon Attack will have Weapon Attack Abilities that determine what special powers the attack possesses and Weapon Attack Defects which determine its weaknesses.

With no Abilities on it, a Weapon Attack does 0 Damage and has 1 Range (Melee Range). Weapon Attack Abilities may be purchased to increase either or both of these, and Weapon Attack Defects may be placed on the attack in order to earn additional Abilities for the attack.

Level Description
Level 1 4 Abilities
Level 2 5 Abilities
Level 3 6 Abilities
Level 4 7 Abilities
Level 5 8 Abilities
Level 6 9 Abilities

List of Weapon Attack Abilities

  • Accurate: The attack has a 2 point bonus to hit per level.
  • Affects Incorporeal: This attack affects Astral or Incorporeal characters normally.
  • Area Effect (2 per level): This attack affects all squares within a burst. The burst range is 1 square per level of the ability. All damage and attributes affect all targets in the affected area. Unless the targets have a special method to escape the burst, the targets take half damage even on a successful defense.
  • Aura (2 per level): An Aura attack automatically damages anyone who touches the character. If combined with Area Affect, it affects everyone within the burst. An Aura Attack only inflicts the base damage (no modifiers for Massive Damage, etc.). An Aura attack may not have the Backblast defect. A character must use an attack action to activate the Aura (no roll required) and the Aura is active until the start of their next turn.
  • Auto-Fire (2 per level): An Auto-Fire attack hits multiple times. For every point by which the attacker succeeds at their attack, they get an additional hit at base damage (the damage of the attack with no modifiers).
  • Burning/Ongoing Damage: A Burning attack inflicts damage over time. Someone hit by a Burning attack takes 1 level of damage directly to health at the beginning of their turn each round for 3 rounds.
  • Covering Fire: If this Attack is successful, an Ally may Shift 2 squares.
  • Damage: This attack does 1 level of damage to the target's health (usually 5 damage, although this is determined by the Storyteller). This may be taken multiple times in order to increase the damage inflicted.
  • Defensive Fire: On a successful hit, one ally of your choice receives a +2 Defense bonus to their next defense.
  • Drain Energy: This attack does 1 level of damage to the target's energy (usually 5 damage, although this is determined by the Storyteller). This may be taken multiple times in order to increase the damage inflicted.
  • Drain Stat: This attack reduces a victim's Stat (as determined when the attack is created) by 1 when they are hit. It may be taken multiple times to increase the Stat damage (and/or to damage another Stat as well).
  • EMP: This Attack affects only mechanical beings and systems (it cannot be combined with the "Inorganic" defect). When a target is hit by an EMP attack they will lose one Level from a technological attribute. If a specific system is hit with a targeted shot (penalty dependent on the size of the target), then that system is affected. If no specific system is targeted, the effect is random. Roll one die and consult the chart to determine the effect.
    • 1 – Sensors lose 1 level
    • 2 – Communications go down until restored
    • 3 – One weapon system loses a level of damage or 1 attribute
    • 4 – The engines lose 1 level of the appropriate speed attribute
    • 5 – The Deflectors lose 1 level in addition to any lost from damage taken. If Deflectors are down already they do not recover that round.
    • 6 – System overload causes an additional 5 damage
  • Flare: A Flare attack blinds its target. Targets are Blinded until the end of your next Turn.
  • Flexible: A target has a 1 point penalty to defend against Flexible attacks. If the attack is made at a 2 point penalty, the attack will also trip the target and knock them prone. When a Flexible attack is used to disarm an enemy, that enemy does not get to make a Body Stat Check in order to maintain their grip.
  • Grappling: This Attack grapples the target, in addition to any other effects
  • Hazard: The Attack creates a hazardous square (or area, if Area of Effect is taken as well) that lasts until the start of the character's next turn. Any character who enters or begins their turn in a hazardous zone suffers the effects of the attack (forced movement does not trigger the hazard, however such movement can place the character so that they start their turn in the hazard). Each use of the Attack creates 1 zone, regardless of the number of squares affected. Each use of the Attack creates 1 zone, regardless of zones being adjacent to each other. A given square may only have 1 zone on it at a time.
  • Homing (1 or 2 per level): The attacker gains a 2 point bonus to hit the target. If ECM is in use the attack suffers a 2 point penalty to hit per level of ECM. If the attack misses (or the target defends), the attack will return to strike again in the next round. If the attack is not vulnerable to ECM (or ECM is not common in the setting), Homing counts as 2 Abilities.
  • Incurable (2 per level): The effects of this attack do not heal naturally. The method of curing the effects of this attack must be determined when the attack is created; other than this method, it will not be cured.
  • Indirect: Indirect attacks may be made against targets against which the attacker does not have a line of sight. If the attacker cannot see the target at all, they need a spotter to describe the target's location (and they suffer a 2 point penalty to hit in such a situation). Indirect Attacks may be made from behind cover, reducing the penalty from being behind cover by 3 points. Indirect Attacks also ignore 3 points of a target's cover.
  • Irritant: Targets struck by an Irritant Attack suffer a 2 point penalty to all of their actions until the end of your next turn.
  • Linked Ally: If this Attack is successful, an Ally may make a free Attack. The Ally must be within the Range of this "Attack"
  • Longer Range: The Attack's range is increased by 1 Range Increment per level taken. For example, if taken once a Melee Attack (1 Square) becomes Short Range (5 Squares). If taken thrice, the attack becomes Long Range (20 Squares).
  • Marking: A Marking Attack Marks its target until the end of that target's turn. A Marked target suffers a 2 point penalty on all attacks that do not include the character who Marked them. The target also takes 1 level of damage directly to health each time they launch an attack that does not include the character who Marked them.
  • Muscle Powered: A Muscle Powered Attack gains bonus damage from the character's Super Strength. If the character does not have Super Strength, they gain bonus damage equal to their Body Stat.
  • Nimble: Before or after the Attack, the character may Shift 2 squares.
  • No Regeneration: This Attack may only heal naturally; no Regeneration or Healing may be used to speed the process.
  • Overwhelming: Even if the target defends against this attack, they still take half damage.
  • Penetrating: This Attribute applies to either Force Fields or Armor (and may be taken separately for both if desired). The Force Field or Armor only protects against half as much damage. If taken twice (for the same source), the Force Field or Armor stops no damage. In some "low armor" settings, one level of Penetrating may be sufficient to negate all protection from the Armor or Force Field.
  • Piercing: This Attack pierces through multiple targets in a line (both Damage and Abilities). The targets must be in a straight line (one behind the other) and the other target must be within the Attack's range. This Ability may hit a maximum of 3 targets each attack.
  • Push/Pull: A Push/Pull Attack moves the target 3 squares on a hit. If taken once, the target may only be moved in a single direction (as determined during the attack's creation), either directly towards the character using the attack or directly away from that character. If taken twice, the target may be moved in any direction. Targets that are slammed into stationary objects (or people) suffer one level of damage direct to health for every square of movement that is denied. Targets that are being thrown off of tall objects must make a Body + Athletics check with a 1 point penalty for every square of "open air" into which they are being pushed (if they were standing right on the edge and would thus be pushed 3 squares away from said edge, they suffer a 3 point penalty); failure indicates that they are thrown over the edge, success indicates that they fall prone on the edge.
  • Quake: This Attack creates a fissure in the earth that may swallow its target. The fissure is 1 metre deep per level of this Ability. The target may make a Body + Athletics check in order to reduce the falling damage as normal.
  • Reliable: Even if this attack misses, it inflicts half damage. It does not inflict any additional attack abilities and the defender has no penalty from a "trick shot" when the attack misses.
  • Selective: When a Selective Attack targets multiple squares (usually through Area of Effect), the character may select squares that are not affected (in order to keep allies/innocents safe).
  • Soul Attack (2 or 5 per level): A Soul Attack uses the character's Soul Stat to attack rather than their Combat Value. It is defended against by the target's Mind/Soul average rather than their Defense Value. Soul Attacks ignore Armor, Force Fields and Shields, and they affect Incorporeal or Astral characters normally. If the Attack does no damage, it counts as 2 Abilities. If it does damage, this counts as 5 abilities.
  • Spreading: A Spreading Attack affects targets in two adjacent squares (both damage and Abilities). Targets suffer a 1 point penalty to their defense roll. Additional levels of Spreading increase both the number of adjacent squares that may be targeted and the defense penalty.
  • Suppinating: A Suppinating Attacking knocks its target Prone on a successful attack. Targets knocked Prone in this manner do not gain a bonus to their defense against ranged attacks.
  • Suppressive Fire: A Suppressive Fire Attack reduces the target's Speed to 0 for their movement action on their next turn (they may still use actions for movement as normal)
  • Tangle: Tangle Attacks trap a target. A trapped character is unable to move, attack or defend, but may still speak normally (so attacks that do not require movement may still be used). The Entanglement has 10 HP per level of this Ability. An "Incurable" Tangle attack may only be damaged by a specific means.
  • Trap: a Trap lays in wait until someone triggers it. If it has "Longer Range" it may be set at range (for example, a mine that can be tossed across the room rather than being carefully set down by the character). The attacker makes their attack roll in order to successfully set the trap and may use a Trick Shot to penalize the victim who triggers it.
  • Vampiric (3 or 4 per level): A Vampiric Attack restores points to the attacker as well as inflicting damage on the target. Generally, Vampiric attacks restore 1 Level of Damage per level of the Vampiric Attribute, although with Storyteller approval they may instead restore Energy or even potentially Stats or Attributes. At a cost of 4 per level, the points restored may go beyond a character's normal levels. Such points last for 1 scene.

List of Weapon Attack Defects

  • Backblast: This Attack does 5 damage direct to health to people around the attacker. At 1 level, it affects 2 squares directly behind the attacker. At 2 levels, it affects a burst 2 around the character. This damage does not affect enemies.
  • Drop Shields: The character must turn off their Force Field before using this attack. It may be turned on again at the beginning of the character's next turn.
  • Exposed (Mecha Only): The character must exit the protection of their Mecha in order to use this attack.
  • Extra Energy: Attacks with this Defect cost 5 additional Energy to use.
  • Fighting Style: Attacks with this Defect require the character to be actively using a certain Stance or Fighting Style.
  • Fixed (Mecha Only): This Attack has a fixed firing position (usually forward) and can only affect targets in a 90 degree arc.
  • Inaccurate: This Attack has a 2 point penalty per level to hit.
  • Internal: This Attack may only be used within a given Mecha or structure.
  • Inorganic: Inorganic Attacks only damage nonliving things.
  • Kick: The concussive force of this attack knocks the attacker back 3 squares in a straight line. It may be taken multiple times; each time it is taken increases the number of squares knocked backwards by 3. Standard collision damage rules apply if an attack's kick knocks the character back into something (as per the Push Weapon Attack Attribute).
  • Limited Shots (1-3 defects): This Attack may only be used a limited number of times before refueling. If taken once, it may be used 6 times. If taken twice, it may be used 3 times. If taken thrice, it may be used only 1 time.
  • Low Penetration: Any armor or force field stops twice the normal damage against this attack.
  • Minimum Range: This attack is unwieldy at close range and suffers range penalties for targets that are too close as well as those that are too far. Each time this defect is taken, the Minimum Range is extended by 1 Range Increment. If an attack has Longer Range x 3 ("Long Range" attack) and Minimum Range x 1 ("Short Range" restriction), the attack would have no penalties against targets between 6-20 squares away. Attacks against targets at or closer than 5 squares would suffer a 3 point penalty. If the Attack has the same Longer Range as it does Minimum Range, then the attack is only used without penalty at the longest range of the attack. For example, an attack with Longer Range x 2 ("Medium Range") and Minimum Range x 2 ("Medium Range" restriction) could be used with no penalty against a target that is 10 squares away (and only against a target that is 10 squares away).
  • Only In (Environment): This Attack may only be used in a certain environment (outer space, night time, under ground, etc.)
  • Recharge (1-3 defects): This Attack must recharge before it may be used again. On your next turn, roll a single die. If taken once, a 1-4 will recharge the attack. If taken twice, a 1-2 will recharge the attack. If taken three times, only a 1 will recharge the attack. This roll may not be modified by Energy or any other roll modifiers, although Divine Relationship will allow a reroll.
  • Self-Destruct (4 defects): Use of this Attack causes the character to be destroyed. This may not be combined with "Limited Shots"
  • Slow: This Attack hits on your initiative next round (it does not use 2 attacks).
  • Static Defense: An Attack with "Static Defense" uses the character's first Defense on a round on which it is used. This Defect may be taken multiple times, each time consuming one more defense (from the top).
  • Static Movement: If a character uses a "Static Movement" Attack, they may not move during that round (forced movement by enemies or movement gained from allies' actions are not affected by this defect).
  • Stoppable: The attack may be shot down by anyone with an attack left that turn. A Stopple Attack does not strike until the end of the round on which it was fired. Each additional level of Stoppable on an Attack adds 1 round to its "flight time", during which it may be shot down. Melee Stoppable Attacks are possible and need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Toxic: Toxic Attacks only damage living things. Creatures with "life support" will be protected against the attack.
  • Unreliable: Unreliable Attacks are critical failures on a roll of 11 or 12, instead of just 12.
  • Weapon Skill (1-2 defects): Attacks with this Defect require the character to use a certain weapon in order to deliver the attack. For 1 defect, this requires a broad class of weapons (broadswords, blaster rifles, bows, etc.). For 2 defects, it requires a specific weapon (the Belmont Family Whip, etc.).