The Wealth attribute determines what sort of a lifestyle the character can afford. A for every point of the Wealth attribute that a character has, they gain a temporary point of Wealth. This temporary wealth may be spent for luxuries such as private jet rides or temporary equipment. If the character wishes to purchase something permanent (such as an Item of Power), they may spend their actual levels of the Wealth attribute as if they were Character Points in order to purchase this new attribute.

Level Lifestyle
Level 1 You have your own apartment and a small pool of liquid funds (~ $100 per month).
Level 2 You have a large apartment (2-3 bedrooms) and slightly more spending money (~ $350 per month).
Level 3 You have a luxury apartment, a condo or a small house and more spending money (~ $1,000 per month).
Level 4 You have a luxury condo or a medium sized house (3-5 bedrooms) and more spending money (~ $2,500 per month).
Level 5 You own several condos or a large house/McMansion (4+ bedrooms) and have access to a lot of spending money (~ $7,000 per month)
Level 6 You own several condos / small houses and a mansion. You have access to incredible spending power (~ $20,000 per month)