This Attribute represents another character who is constantly around and willing to help your character out. If this servant is a specific person (and is difficult to replace), it costs 1 point per level. If the servant is one of many people (easily replaceable), it costs 2 points per level. This Attribute may be taken multiple times in order to create multiple servants. A Servant is created like another Player Character, except that the servant may not have the following Attributes or Defects: Servant, Owns a Big Mecha, Owned by a Megacorp, Red Tape, Significant Other, or Unskilled.

Level Results
Level 1 12 Stat Points and 5 Character Points
Level 2 12 Stat Points and 10 Character Points
Level 3 12 Stat Points and 15 Character Points
Level 4 12 Stat Points and 20 Character Points
Level 5 12 Stat Points and 25 Character Points
Level 6 12 Stat Points and 30 Character Points