Owns A Big Mecha

Cost: 4 Character Points / Level

This Attribute represents a character's possession of a powerful mecha. This mecha could be a Battletech style Giant Mech, a personal suit of Power Armor, a Plane or any other vehicle with Attributes. Each level of the Owns a Big Mecha attribute grants the character points to spend on their Mecha. A Mecha may take most Character Attributes (or Defects) and all Mecha Attributes or Mecha Defects.

Unless otherwise specified via Attributes (such as Awkward Size), the Mecha is assumed to be man sized and as mobile as a human being.

A Mecha begins with 40 Health and may not purchase Damn Healthy to increase it. Instead, the Mecha must purchase Toughness.

Mecha may be either Living or Non-Living. Non-Living Mecha are immune from Disease/Mental attacks, however they must be repaired (and do not heal naturally).

Level Description
Level 1 20 Mecha Points
Level 2 40 Mecha Points
Level 3 60 Mecha Points
Level 4 80 Mecha Points
Level 5 100 Mecha Points
Level 6 120 Mecha Points