Rifts Combat Training (Aron/Dore rules)

All special attacks that use the Fighting Skill attack disability relating to one of the Martial Arts must be melee or unarmed attacks. Psychic and Magical attacks are generally not compatible with Martial Arts.

The Art of Nodox: The Art of Nodox is a technique developed and practiced by the D-bees known as Fennodi. The Quiet Walkers are pacifists who use the Art of Nodox to avoid trouble.
Requirements: The Art of Nodox is peaceful and the Fennodi are generally pacifistic. No one, whether Fennodi or outsider will be taught the Art of Nodox if they are a violent individual. In order to advance beyond the Apprentice level, the character must have at least one level of the defect Attack Restriction in regards to aggression/attack (as opposed to a restriction from attacking a certain type of being).
Defect: All attacks while in Nodox stances deal 5 less damage.

  • Level 1 (Apprentice): Requires Dodge 2. Fennodi trained in Nodox gain a 1 point bonus to Dodge and no longer take penalties when attacked from the flank or behind. The Fennodi may also use their Nymbu staff as a shield while fighting, gaining 5 damage reduction if they fail their defense by 1.
  • Level 2 (Adept): Requires Extra Defense (the character must have one more Defense than they do Attacks). The penalty to defense rolls is reduced to 1pt per attack beyond their number of defenses, allowing the Fennodi to resist even multiple attackers easily.
  • Level 3 (Master): Requires Focus 1. A master of Nodox learns to Ghost Walk. They literally become insubstantial for brief periods. This allows them to move freely through the battlefield, unhindered by rough terrain or enemies or vertical distance. He may move through enemy squares at no penalty or change elevation with no roll or penalty. As his only barrier, he may not come to rest in an enemy square.

Military Training: On Rifts earth. humanity struggles to survive, clustering into tiny kingdoms for survival. The greatest of these is the Coalition States, heirs to most of the old American Empire’s technology, and the largest army (of humans) on Earth. Many smaller kingdoms have formed their own militaries to defend themselves from the countless threats from the rifts. Military training includes basic hand-to-hand skills, and a little melee combat. Armies usually train with knives and batons, though the scarcity of high technology and the return of both monsters and magic means that armies armed with bows and swords have returned to earth. Though basic, Military training is better than self-taught skills and provides familiarity with a range of weapons, including guns.
Defect: Soldiers are trained to fight as a unit. The soldier must be within 5 squares of an ally or else they lose 1 square of movement and 5 damage from all attacks (after all stance bonuses and other attributes).

  • Level 1 (Recruit): Requires Brawl, Dodge, Melee, and Firearms 1. Professional soldiers are trained to use a variety of weapons. At the beginning of the combat round the character chooses 1 combat skill to gain a 1pt bonus. The soldier also chooses one attack type (Gunnery, Firearms, Throwing, etc) and does 5 extra damage with all appropriate attacks for the scene.
  • Level 2 (Non-Com): Requires Body 5. Trained soldiers are taught to get the maximum protection from their armor. The character gains 2 pts of additional damage reduction from any armor they wear. The soldier also learns how to do a field dressing. Once per scene, the character may use an action to restore 10 Health to themselves or an adjacent character, or to bring a dying character to 0 Health and stabilize them.
  • Level 3 (Officer): Requires Aura of Command. By the time a soldier is trained to this level they are a veteran of many battles. Such men and women are usually part of elite units or have been promoted to the command of a normal squad. The character gains an attack or defense action (not both). This attack/defense may be made by the character, or by an ally of their choice.

Sharp-shooting: Some people have devoted their lives to the use of guns. In the days after the apocalypse, their skills are both sought after and feared. Sharp-shooting represents a focus on handguns, rifles, bows, or throwing knives (or hatchet/tomahawk) that goes beyond the average soldier. A sharp-shooter is capable of amazing feats of gunmanship.
Defect: Sharp-shooting bonuses are more restricted than other Martial Arts; the character must choose a weapon and the Sharp-shooting bonuses apply only to that weapon. The bonuses do not apply to Brawl, Melee or Magic/Psionic attacks.

  • Level 1 (Apprentice): Requires Archery/Firearms/Throwing 3. The sharp-shooter gains the Attributes Dead Eye and Lightning Draw with their chosen weapon and adds 5 squares to the range of any attack made with it.
  • Level 2 (Adept): Requires Reflexes. More experienced sharp-shooters are capable of amazing feats of skill. Some sell their abilities as entertainers in traveling rodeos and circuses, but such abilities are more often needed in life and death struggles. The penalty to defense from trick shots made by the ‘slinger is increased by 1 (meaning that a 0pt trick shot has a 1pt penalty to defend). The character also inflicts 5 extra damage with their weapon. Lastly, the Adept sharp-shooter can split an attack with their weapon as if they had Dual Wield (making both attacks on one target at a 1pt penalty, splitting the attacks between two targets at a 3pt penalty, or at a 2pt penalty if the attacks are Spreading).
  • Level 3 (Master): Requires Focus Damage in the chosen weapon (Massive Damage does not count). Master sharp-shooters are rare. Mostly because they are sought after for the most dangerous work. Such beings also tend to draw the attention of their peers or up-and-comers looking to make a reputation for themselves. Masters gain a bonus Initiative movement and attack on the first round they adopt Sharp-shooting tactics. A roll of a 7 on any attack with the chosen weapon also counts as a strike to a vital target. Lastly, the sharp-shooter can target vital targets even on opponents that do not have them (bots, undead, etc).

Assassination: Assassins are trained in the use of stealth and specialize in killing quickly and silently. This training may represent specialized commando training in the Coalition military, or as part of indoctrination in a cult or secretive sect. Assassin training is exceedingly rare and very deadly.
Defect: Assassins are focused on their target. If they are adjacent to two or more opponents they are considered flanked and if they are actually flanked by two opponents the penalty to defense is 2pts.

  • Level 1 (Apprentice): Requires Stealth 3 (skill). Striking from concealment or from behind allows apprentice assassins to carefully aim a deadly blow. If the assassin strikes from stealth they gain 10 damage to their attack. Assassins may also make the most of flanking their opponent, gaining 5 extra damage on all attacks while flanking (if they are in stealth and manage to flank their opponent this stacks with the stealth bonus, but only on the first, stealthed attack).
  • Level 2 (Adept): Requires Focus 1. Assassins strike carefully and they strike to kill. After an assassin hits with an attack (but before the enemy defends) they may spend 5 Energy to give their attack one level of penetrating (armor or force field). For 20 Energy the assassin could have penetrating 2 for both armor and force field.
  • Level 3 (Master): Requires Reflexes. A Master Assassin selects an opponent to be their target. The assassin may re-roll any attack or defense roll against that target. The assassin may only have one target at a time and the opponent remains the target until they are killed or are otherwise removed from combat.