Cost: 1 Point

Kensei abilities enhance a character's ability to attack with Melee attacks (swords/unarmed/etc.). Each level of the Kensei attribute grants 1 Kensei ability.

  • Blind Fighting: The character suffers no penalties in combat when they can't see their opponents.
  • Chanabara Master: The character may make leaping attacks. If a character has higher initiative than their opponent, they may attempt this maneuver. If successful, the attack does 5 bonus damage, +1 per level of Athletics. If the attack fails for any reason, the character suffers a 2 point penalty to their defenses until the end of their next turn.
  • Judge Opponent: The character may judge his opponent's Combat Value and/or skill without seeing them fight.
  • Lightning Draw: The character suffers no penalty for drawing a weapon and attacking on the same turn.
  • Precise Stroke: The penalties for attacking a small target are reduced by 3.
  • Two Weapon Fighting: The penalties for attacking with 2 weapons is reduced by 3. This may only be used on one attack per round, although it may be taken multiple times to affect multiple attacks. Alternately, the character may fight defensively, taking a 1 point penalty to their attack to receive a 1 point bonus to defense.
  • Improved Throwing: Upon grappling an opponent, you may immediately attempt to throw them (as a free action), if you so choose.
  • Improved Grappling: Upon grappling an opponent, you may immediately attempt a disarm (as a free action), if you so choose.
  • Silent Takedown: If you have initiative over an opponent and defeat your opponent before they act, they may not speak.
  • Stance Mastery: You may change your stance before each attack on your turn, rather than just at the beginning of your turn.
  • Escape Artist: You gain a 3 point bonus to escape grapples and pins, and you may make a Body + Brawl roll to escape from Tangle Attacks.