Heightened Senses

Cost: 1 Point per Level

This Attribute represents supremely refined senses. Each level allows the character to have 1 heightened sense (typically, the senses would be the "standard five" although in some cases sixth senses might be options as well). When the character is making an alterness or awareness roll that uses that sense, the charcter receives a 4 point bonus to that roll. A character may take this attribute up to 2 times for a given sense, such a sense gains an 8 point bonus.

Level Description
Level 1 The character has 1 Heightened Sense
Level 2 The character has 2 Heightened Senses
Level 3 The character has 3 Heightened Senses
Level 4 The character has 4 Heightened Senses
Level 5 The character has 5 Heightened Senses
Level 6 The character has 6 Heightened Senses