Gun Bunny

Cost: 1 Character Point / Level

The Gun Bunny attribute affects all ranged attacks. Each level of the attribute grants the character one of the following abilities:

  • Dead Eye: the penalty to attack small targets is reduced by 3.
  • Lightning Draw: there is no penalty to draw your weapon and attack on the same round.
  • One Bullet Left: in a given scene, the character may always have "one bullet left" when dramatically appropriate.
  • Steady Hand: the character suffers no penalties for moving and firing their weapon on the same turn.
  • Two Gun Mojo: the penalty for attacking with 2 weapons is reduced by 3. This may only be used on one attack each turn, although may be taken multiple times to allow for multiple attacks.
  • Big Gun Expert: guns that would require a normal character 2 hands to use may be used with 1 hand.