Force Field

Cost: 2-4 Character Points per Level

A Force Field is a method of protection that differs from Armor. A Force Field can be "up", "down" or "partially down". When a Force Field blocks damage based on its level. Damage up to that threshold (that is completely blocked by the Force Field) does not affect the Force Field. If the damage meets or exceeds the value of the Force Field, then the Force Field's damage reduction is reduced by one level (thus becoming "partially down"). When the effective value of the Force Field is reduced to zero, the Force Field is completely "down" (meaning that it blocks no damage).

For 4 points per level, a Force Field may be extended to cover nearby characters. For 3 points per level, the Force Field covers a single character entirely (such as a small bubble or a "second skin"). For 2 points per level, the Force Field is a wall that may cover 5 squares on the board. A normal Force Field blocks all forms of corporeal movement.

Force Fields may be assigned Abilities and Disabilities. Each Ability applied reduces the total damage reduction of the Force Field by 15 points. Each Disability applied increases the total damage reduction of the Force Field by 15 points.


  • Blocks Incorporeal: incorporeal characters are affected by the Force Field as if they were corporeal.
  • Blocks Teleport: characters cannot teleport through the Force Field (most commonly taken on ship Force Fields)
  • Field Penetrating: if the Force Field intersects with another Force Field (and has more damage reduction currently), that other Force Field is shut down.
  • Offensive: the Force Field does damage to anyone who comes in contact with it. It does 10 damage per level of the Force Field. This Ability counts as 2 abilities for purposes of determining damage reduction.


  • Both Directions: the Force Field blocks attacks leaving it as well as incoming attacks.
  • Internal: the Force Field is only usable inside of the character (most commonly taken for Mecha)
  • Limited: the Force Field suffers some form of limitation. A Minor Limitation (counts as 1 Disability) would be ones such as a Force Field that protects against ranged attacks but not melee or one that provides full protection against attacks from the front/back/sides but not from above or a Force Field that takes time to power up to full strength. A Major Limitation counts as 2 Disabilities and would be a limitation such as preventing the character from attacking while using it, the field being unstable in certain environments or the field only working against very specific attacks (such as fire).
  • Static: the character may not move while using the Force Field.
Level Description
Level 1 The field provides 15 points of damage reduction.
Level 2 The field provides 30 points of damage reduction.
Level 3 The field provides 45 points of damage reduction.
Level 4 The field provides 60 points of damage reduction.
Level 5 The field provides 75 points of damage reduction.
Level 6 The field provides 90 points of damage reduction.