Cost: 1 Character Point / Level

Flunkies are the barely skilled minions that make up any self respecting evil mastermind's (or corporate CEO's) retinue. They are subservient, doing your bidding and tacking care of the grunt work (coffee runs and filing paperwork) so that you don't have to. They will defend you, if ordered to, but don't expect great results. As flunkies are generic henchmen, they all have the same stats. If you want to create another stat template, each additional template must be purchased as a separate Flunkies Attribute. A flunky should be creates with 10 Character Points, although they may still benefit from the points earned by Flaws. You do not qualify as a MegaCorp or a source of Red Tape, however your flunkies can be owned by some other MegaCorp and be subject to someone else's Red Tape.

Level Description
Level 1 The character controls 1 flunky.
Level 2 The character controls 2 flunkies.
Level 3 The character controls 3-4 flunkies.
Level 4 The character controls 5-7 flunkies.
Level 5 The character controls 8-12 flunkies.
Level 6 The character controls 13-20 flunkies.