Features Or Accessories

Cost: 1 Character Point / Level

This attribute reflects minor, non combat advantages to a character or mecha. This could be a homing instinct, a sense of direction, night vision, longevity, natural pouches/storage compartments, tolerance of extreme environments, built in radio, wireless network access etc. A mecha might have airlocks, alarm systems, luxury suites, ejection seats, GPS, search lights, color changing external panels, etc.

Determining which traits are so minor that they don't need to be purchased at all, which traits would fall under Features Or Accessories, or which traits must be purchased as Personal Gear or Items of Power is up to the storyteller and will vary from campaign to campaign (based on the setting and themes of the story). Higher levels of this attribute represent more minor features.

Level Description
Level 1 1 minor accessory or feature
Level 2 2-3 minor accessories or features
Level 3 4-6 minor accessories or features
Level 4 7-12 minor accessories or features
Level 5 13-20 minor accessories or features
Level 6 21-50 minor accessories or features