Expert Pilot

Cost: 1 Character point / Level

Aces are able to get more out of their craft than average pilots and are capable of amazing feats. Some of these attributes may only apply to ground vehicles like speeders and some may apply only when in a planetary atmosphere. Each level of this attribute allows the purchase of one ability, just as with Kensei or Gun Bunny.

  • Ass Backwards: the pilot may drive or fly backwards with remarkable ease. Moving backwards (or sideways, if the vehicle allows), such skilled pilots may move at full speed and suffer no penalties to defense.
  • Expert Glider: in a setting where engine stalling is a rick, this pilot adds 2 rounds to the falling time if their flying vehicle looses power in the air.
  • Head Down: the pilot is skilled at keeping their vehicle between themselves and their enemies' weapons. If the vehicle has level 1 "Exposed Occupant", enemies' suffer an additional 2 point penalty to target the pilot. If the vehicle has level 2 "Exposed Occupant", the enemy only suffers a 1 point penalty to target the pilot.
  • Navigator: the pilot is excellent at plotting courses. They receive a 2 point bonus to all navigation checks and their courses allow a group to move 1 additional square when traveling overland.
  • Quick Starter: if the vehicle's engines stall, the pilot receives a 2 point bonus to the roll to start them back up.
  • Seat of the Pants: the pilot is an expert with their vehicle - they receive a 2 point bonus to all piloting rolls and may move an extra 2 squares each turn.
  • Situational Awareness: the pilot's awareness of their surroundings negates the usual 2 point penalty for being attacked from the rear.
  • Tail Master: the pilot is an expert at taking the tail position in a dogfight and does not need to be behind their opponent to take their tail. They do still have to be within the 2 square range.
  • Wingman: the character has a 2 point bonus to rolls made to keep balance while standing out the outside of a plane or other moving vehicle.