Electronic Counter Measures

Cost: 1 Character Point / Level

Electronic Counter Measures provide the character with some sort of technological jamming ability. There are 3 varieties of ECM - Missile Jamming, Sensor Jamming and Communications Jamming; each must be purchased separately. Thus a character may have level 2 Missile Jamming, level 6 Sensor Jamming and Communications Jamming, as they choose.

Missile Jamming
Missile Jamming is automatic and protects the character from Homing Attacks. The attacker has a cumulative 2 point penalty to use such attacks against the character, per level of the Missile Jamming ECM Attribute. If the modified attack roll fails by 5 or more, the character with the ECM may select a new target for the attack (within the attack's original range). This redirection does not consume an attack and the character does not need to make an attack roll, although targeted characters may defend as normal. AoE effects of missiles do not affect characters with Missile Jamming, as the ECM is sufficient to keep the missile from getting close enough to hit them with its blast.

Sensor Jamming
Enemies suffer a 1 point per level penalty to use sensors to detect characters that are protected by Sensor Jamming.

Communications Jamming
Communications within, into and/or out of a given area are jammed. The size of the area is determined by the levels of this ECM taken.

Level Description
Level 1 Local Range: 0.5 km Radius
Level 2 City Range: 5 km Radius
Level 3 County Range: 50 km Radius
Level 4 State Range: 500 km Radius
Level 5 Continental Range: 5,000 km Radius
Level 6 Planetary Range: 50,000 km Radius