Character Attributes

Character Attributes are those that are taken by the character and generally apply at all times, to every action that the character does. Many Character Attributes may be purchased on Mecha as if they were Mecha Attributes and several Attributes allow the character to purchase other Attributes at reduced cost, although they apply some limitation to said Attributes (for example, they may cost Energy Points to access, or perhaps only be usable when shape-shifted). Attributes always cost Character Points to purchase, although they may grant Skill Points when purchased. The following is a list of all Character Attributes:

Attribute Name Cost Type Updated
Animal Friendship 1 point/level Normal Yes
Appearance/Charm 1 point/level Normal Yes
Art of Distraction 1 point/level Normal Yes
Astral Projection 3 points/level Paranormal
Aura of Command 2 point/level Normal Yes
Bending 1 point/level Paranormal Yes
Combat Mastery 2 points/level Normal
Computer Genius 2 points/level Normal Yes
Contamination 1-2 points/level Paranormal, Racial
Damn Healthy 1 point/level Normal
Dimensional Portal 2-4 points/level Paranormal
Divine Relationship 1 point/level Normal
Dynamic Sorcery 4 points/level Paranormal
Elasticity 1 point/level Racial, Technological
Electronic Counter Measures 1 point/level Technological
Energy Bonus 1 point/level Normal
Environmental Control 1-2 points/level Paranormal, Technological Yes
Exorcism 1 point/level Paranormal
Expert Pilot 1 point/level Normal Yes
Extra Arms 1 point/level Racial, Technological
Extra Attacks 4 points/level Normal
Features or Accessories 1 point/level Racial, Technological
Flight 2 points/level Racial, Technological, Paranormal Yes
Flunkies 1 point/level Normal
Focus 1 point/level Normal Yes
Focused Damage 1 point/level Normal
Force Field 2-4 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Ground Speed 2 points/level Technological Yes
Gun Bunny 1 point/level Normal Yes
Healing 2 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Heavy Armour 4 points/level Technological
Heightened Awareness 1 point/level Normal
Heightened Senses 1 point/level Normal
Highly Skilled 1 point/level Normal
Illusion 2-6 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Insubstantial 4 points/level Paranormal
Invisibility 3-7 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Item of Power 2 point/level Paranormal, Technological
Jumping 1 point/level Racial, Technological Yes
Kensei 1 point/level Normal Yes
Life Support 1 point/level Racial, Technological
Light Armor 1 point/level Normal
Magic or Psionics 4-6 points/level Paranormal Yes
Martial Arts 2 points/level Normal Yes
Massive Damage 2 points/level Normal
Mechanical Genius 2 points/level Normal Yes
Medical Genius 2 points/level Normal Yes
Meld 2-4 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Metamorphosis 5 points/level Paranormal
Mind Control 1-4 points/level Paranormal
Mind Shield 1 point/level Paranormal
Mind Trick 1 point/level Paranormal Yes
Natural Weapons 1 point/level Racial
Organizational Ties 1-3 points/level Normal
Owns a Big Mecha 4 points/level Technological
Personal Gear 1 point/level Normal
Place of Power 1 point/level Paranormal
Precognition 1-2 points/level Paranormal
Regeneration 2 points/level Paranormal, Racial Yes
Reincarnation 3 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Reflexes 2 points/level Normal Yes
Reputation 1 point/level Normal Yes
Sensors 1 point/level Technological Yes
Servant 1-2 points/level Normal
Shape Change 2-3 points/level Paranormal
Shield 1 point/level Technological Yes
Sixth Sense 1 point/level Paranormal Yes
Size Change 1-2 points/level Paranormal
Space Flight 2 points/level Technological Yes
Special Defense 1 point/level Normal
Special Movement 1 point/level Racial
Speed 2 points/level Normal Yes
Speed Burst 1 point/level Normal Yes
Spirit Ward 1 point/level Paranormal
Star Flight 2 points/level Technological Yes
Stealth 1 point/level Paranormal, Technological
Super Strength 2-3 points/level Racial, Technological
Swarm 2 points/level Paranormal
Telekinesis 1-2 points/level Paranormal, Technological Yes
Telepathy 1-3 points/level Paranormal
Teleport 5-10 points/level Paranormal, Technological
Transmutation 1-4 points/level Paranormal
Tunneling 2 points/level Racial, Technological Yes
Water Speed 2 points/level Racial, Technological Yes
Wealth 1 point/level Normal Yes
Weapon Attack 1 point/level Normal Yes